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Home  |  about  |  statistics ▾ update list omim entry statistics omim gene map statistics  |  downloads/api ▾ register for downloads register for api access  |  help ▾ faq search help linking help api help  |  external links  |  terms of use ▾ copyright use agreement  |  contact us sort by:   relevance  date updated advanced search: omim, clinical synopses, omim gene map search history: view, clear  table of contents - #606243 title phenotype gene relationships text   description   clinical features   clinical management   cytogenetics   molecular genetics references creation date edit history external links:  clinical resources clinical trials orphanet eurogentest genetic alliance gard  animal models ncbi homologene mgi mouse phenotype #606243 icd+ snomedct: 88195001, 404056007 snomedct: 88195001, 404056007 alveolar soft part sarcoma; asps phenotype gene relationships location phenotype phenotypemim number gene/locus gene/locusmim number 17q25. viagra 5 mg one a day cheap viagra 3 alveolar soft-part sarcoma 606243 aspscr1 606236 text a number sign (#) is used with this entry because some cases of alveolar soft part sarcoma have been found to be caused by fusion of the aspscr1 (606236) and tfe3 (314310) genes. cheap viagra canada Description alveolar soft part sarcoma is an unusual tumor with highly characteristic histopathology and ultrastructure, controversial histogenesis, and enigmatic clinical behavior (lieberman et al. viagra 20 dosage , 1989; ordonez, 1999). Kwikmed viagra frequently asked questions The typical histology of asps shows well-defined nests of cells with abundant pink cytoplasm. where to buy viagra online canada The loss of central cohesion produces a pseudoalveolar appearance (ladanyi et al. when should i take viagra 100mg , 2001). when should i take viagra 100mg Clinical features most cases of asps occur in the second and third decade of life, with a slight female predilection (ordonez, 1999). buy viagra online Asps usually involves the muscle and deep soft tissues of the extremities, but has also been reported in tissues where skeletal muscle is absent. instructions for viagra dosage Ultrastructural analysis shows secretory-like granules and, in about half of cases, characteristic rectangular or rhomboid crystalline cytoplasmic deposits of unknown composition (ordonez, 1999). buy generic viagra Distant metastases are common but often indolent. buy viagra Although prolonged survival is possible even in patients with metastases, the long-term disease-specific mortality is high (lieberman et al. , 1989). cheap viagra without a prescription Clinical management the treatment for asps is primarily surgical (lieberman et al. can you get viagra over the counter in the uk , 1989). buy generic viagra Cytogenetics cytogenetic studies identified a recurrent der(17) due to a nonreciprocal t(x;17)(p11. Generic viagra any good 2;q25) in cases of asps (joyama et al. what is the closest over the counter drug to viagra , 1999). Molecular genetics ladanyi et al. Buy 150 mg viagra (2001) detected an aspscr1/tfe3 fusi. viagra viagra yahoo answers when should i take viagra 100mg
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