Printer friendly 20,214,949 articles and books periodicals literature keyword title author topic member login user name    password     remember me join us forgot password? viagra duration of action The free library > general interest/informational >  pets and animals >  pets and animals community >  august 3, 2009 the free library >  date >  2009 >  august >  3 >  pets and animals community canine leukemia leukemia is one type of cancer that affects the blood. This disease is characterized by a significant increase of the leukocytes, popularly called white blood cells. from where i can buy viagra in delhi Leukemia is one type of cancer that affects the blood. best time day take daily dose viagra This disease is characterized by a significant increase of the leukocytes, popularly called white blood cells. The first symptom is a large number of these cells in the blood marrow or even in the circulation. Leukemia is a result of a genetic malfunction, a mutation that happens inside the bone''s marrow. This disease has several types. It is classified taking into consideration the type of the white blood cells that are involved and also the way in which the disease is progressing. Leukemia can derive from the bone marrow and it is called myelogenous or granulocytic leukemia and also lymphocytic leukemia when it involves the lymph nodes. Leukemia disease can either be chronic or acute. best time day take daily dose viagra It all depends on the kind of white cells that are affected. The chronic one is named chronic myeloid leukemia (cml) or chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll). viagra patent extension 2011 The cll in pets like dogs and cats has a lot of similarities with the human disease but still some major differences too. The all, or acute lymphoid leukemia is a disease that progresses quite rapidly. A few of the symptoms include fever, anemia, random bleeding, loosing the appetite, swollen lymph nodes, panting, anxiousness, vomiting, pale gums, shifting limb lameness, lack of coordination, some infections that appear because of the week immune system. All these symptoms can cause death if the disease is not treated. At a clinical examination, if the dog has fever or a bigger than usual spleen or liver, it is a good sign of the disease. buy generic viagra online Many mature animals develop the acute lymphoid leukemia rather then the young. This is a difference from the human disease which is quite common in children. viagra pills Another important fact is that this disease can cause some ocular lesions in dogs. cheap viagra fast shipping overnight The chronic leukemia has many cancer white cells that are affecting the body''s ability to fight the infections. The disease progresses slowly and it is fatal. It suppresses the immune system and then the bone marrow fails to function. viagra sales usa The bag cells then infiltrate the other organs. The disease easily spreads into the blood, the lymph nodes, liver or spleen and into the central nervous system. The disease doesn''t create solid tumors or other solid masses. buy viagra cheap The death can be quite painful. Discovering the leukemia can be done ding a simple blood examination and then,. viagra online without prescription watermelon a natural viagra This Site is Being Updated

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